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The Recycled Trailer

Once upon a time, there was a happy little used trailer. It was bought by Sterling Valley Maple, a young upstart of a syrup business, and for several years, brought much joy to its owners as they travelled the state to Farmers Markets. Then, the poor little trailer got tired--so tired, that when it went over a bump, the wheels detached themselves from the rest of the trailer. But still, the happy little trailer was able to be repaired (somewhat) and gingerly used to travel with. Until the day that it was driving to Syracuse, went over another bump, and the tongue (the part that connects the trailer to the truck) broke in half.  The trailer was carefully maneuvered into a driveway, unloaded, and left for dead.

At that point, the happy little trailer became a sad little trailer and was parked in the field, lonely and forgotten, while Sterling Valley Maple got a brand new bigger, better trailer. But wait...the intrepid, creative, and mechanically minded Josh (who never throws anything away-for real, ask his wife) thought of a new purpose for the sad little trailer. What if the little trailer could be repurposed into a storage shed for maple equipment in the woods? Eureka!

The little trailer was retrofitted on the inside and spray foamed to help insulate its contents from the cold weather. Then, on one fine, cold winter day, Bob (patriarch of the maple family) brought over his bucket tractor and helped hoist the trailer onto another trailer in order to move it (check out the picture, it will make sense--notice, no more wheels).

 Trailer without Wheels Right Arrow A trailer on a trailer

Finally, the happy little trailer was transported to the woods, and gently put into its new place (in reality, there was much more to it than this--endless strapping, careful driving, and the use of the bucket tractor to dig out its new landing place). The happy little trailer now lives in the woods, and come sugaring season, it will keep the releaser and vacuum pump from freezing in the cold nights.

 Trailer's final home

The final resting place of the happy little trailer

We hope you have enjoyed this true tale of the happy, then sad, and now happy again little trailer. Remember--according to Josh, everything can be repurposed and recycled. Even wheel-less trailers.


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  • Love your story! Sounds like it could be developed into a good little children’s book!

    Lena Martin

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