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Sterling Valley Maple Syrups

It's all about the syrup! This is the "cream of the crop"- the syrup that we think is too good to sell in bulk barrels to the large processors or packers. Instead, we carefully hot-pack each bottle to ensure a long shelf life and sell it directly to you. When we need syrup for our table or pantry, these are the containers we reach for.

This collection includes our USDA Certified Organic Pure NYS Maple Syrup, but we also have some great new flavored syrups. Think you've tasted maple? Wait until you try our Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup. Want an extra "kick" to your meal? Try our Cinnamon Infused Syrup. Or, relax with the citrus flavor of our Orange Infused Syrup. We don't cheat- there are no flavorings, powders, or artificial additives- we use real orange peel, real cinnamon sticks, and freshly emptied bourbon barrels to add the distinctive flavors to these unique products.

Dark Collection

Amber Collection

Golden Collection

Flavored Collection

Sterling Valley Certified Organic Dark Syrup Collection


Sterling Valley Certified Organic Amber Syrup Collection


Sterling Valley Certified Organic Golden Syrup Collection



Our Commitment to Quality

Sterling Valley Maple Syrup is USDA Organic Certified
Our syrups and products are New York State Grown and Certified
Sterling Valley Products are made with all natural ingredients