Due to a global shortage in the 2021 maple syrup crop, worldwide syrup prices have increased 25-30%. Because of this, we have been forced to temporarily raise our prices. We have tried to keep price increases to a minimum (usually less than 10%) and hope this situation is only temporary. Thank you for your understanding!

Collection: Syrup

It's all about the syrup!  Nothing but our finest pure NYS maple syrup.  No additives, preservatives, or chemicals.  This is the "cream of the crop"- the syrup that we think is too good to sell in bulk barrels to the large processors or packers.  Instead, we carefully hot-pack each bottle to ensure a long shelf life and sell it directly to you.  When we need syrup for our table or pantry, these are the containers we reach for.
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  • Certified Organic Maple Syrup: Dark Color and Robust Taste
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  • Certified Organic Maple Syrup: Golden Color with Delicate Taste
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