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The Joys of Packing Peanuts

Oh, the joys of packing peanuts. Those fun shaped little bits of Styrofoam that have many uses. (Side note: why do you think the people in charge of making them decided to make them in the shape of peanuts? I’d really like to know. Why not hearts, or elephants, or footballs??) Here at Sterling Valley Maple, we receive copious amounts of packing peanuts whenever we get new shipments of glass bottles. They seem to work, because we’ve never received anything broken. But here is the dangerous thing they don’t tell you, the bane of all parents in the world: when the kid gets to the packing peanuts before you. It’s bad. Really bad. Suddenly, you have an explosion of packing peanuts that will NEVER get fully picked up. You will find them embedded in the carpet, under furniture, and squished to little un-pick-up-able bits (if that isn’t a word, it should be). And, are you ready for this? The sink. I’ve still to figure out why the sink was full of packing peanuts. Those of you who have had/had kids, you get me, don’t you?


On the plus side, packing peanuts are amazing. Stuff doesn’t break! Imagine that! So, when you get a package of goodness (that’s totally a noun, right?) from Sterling Valley Maple, expect packing peanuts (not the ones out of my sink though). That way, the lovely glass items we ship for you come unbroken for your epicurean enjoyment


Glass bottles of syrup in packing peanuts


Oh, and then your husband just leaves the big box of packing peanuts on the floor because it is too hard to pick up a box of AIR and put it back on the shelf. No wait, that doesn’t happen at your house, only mine.


I hope you enjoyed this monologue of all things maple and packing peanuts. And I really do want to know why they are shaped like peanuts.



The Female Half of Sterling Valley Maple

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