Sterling Valley Maple

  • Making Maple Granulated Sugar

    We get a lot of interest out of the chemistry and science involved in the different processes of making syrup and maple products. When making granu...
  • Why are there different grades of syrup?

     One of the most common questions we get asked at farmers markets is "Why are there different grades of maple syrup?".  The answer to this has fasc...
  • A Day in the Life of a Farmers Market

    This week is National Farmers Market Week, so here is an inside glimpse of what it's like when we attend a farmers market.   The first variable for...
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup-The Inside Story

    This week, the focus is our bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.  Earlier in the week we uncorked the first of our 2020 barrels.  These are 15 gallon b...
  • The Joys of Packing Peanuts

    A humorous look at the joys and challenges of packing peanuts.
  • Two busy months

    We've been busy at Sterling Valley Maple since the last time we posted on our blog. First, we finished up our maple syrup season.  This year we mad...
  • Maple Weekend 2020

    A virtual tour of our sugar shanty.
  • Fish or Venison Marinade

    Looking for another way to use your maple syrup?  Check out this tasty and easy marinade for fish or venison.  (This is my favorite way to eat fish...
  • A Giant's Playground

    An explanation of the boulders we find scattered throughout our woods and how they got there.  Referencing a book by Mike Storey called "Why the Adirondacks Look the Way They Do."
  • Answers to the sugarmaker quiz- check out the quiz first!

    Below are the answers to our Sugarmaker Quiz blog post.  If you want to take the quiz, go to the original blog post by clicking here:   Once you've...
  • Test your Sugarmaker Skills

    Try out your tree identification skills to see if you can identify the maple trees from this collection of tree photos taken in our woods.
  • A Busy Summer