Shipping Delays: Because the syrup production season is our busiest time of year, some shipments may be slower than usual. If you have a deadline or questions feel free to email to confirm shipment times. Meanwhile, know that we are working to ship your orders as quickly as possible while keeping up with the demands of the sugaring season.

Getting Ready

Although there have been days when the weather felt like it was time to make syrup, the long-range forecast doesn't really show a stretch of good sugaring weather yet, so we're forced to wait.  While we wait it's been a perfect chance to work on some projects to enhance this year's season.  One of our big projects is working on a vacuum pump to put up at the new trees we're tapping (an area we call the "snowmobile trail" because...wait for's a snowmobile trail that runs through the middle of our woods).  This vacuum pump is a fairly old Surge Alamo vacuum pump that was originally designed for a dairy milking system.  We've retrofitted it with a gas engine (since there's no electric service near the woods) and made a few other adjustments to get it ready for a new life as a maple sap vacuum pump.  We're excited to see what this will do to increase our production!

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