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Photo Contest

Sterling Valley Maple's 2023 Maple Syrup Photo Contest:

We are seeking to add to our collection of "lifestyle" photos:  pictures of real people enjoying our products.  We're looking for photos that include our packaging along side genuine fans of the product in real-life situations. We are not seeking models or photo studio images, but real people in real situations.


Submit your photos via email to josh@sterlingvalleymaple.com with the subject "Photo Contest".  Alternatively, click this link to send an email now.   Or, tag us on an Instagram or Facebook post and use the hashtag #SVMPhotos


  • All photos will remain the property of the submitter until/unless they are selected as a winner
  • All of the following are prohibited:
    • AI Generated Photos
    • Stock Photos
    • Digitally Manipulated Photos
  • Winning photos will be rewarded with a free product up to a half-gallon size based on the request of the submitter (approximate retail value up to $50).  Each winning photo will entitle the submitter to a product of their choice.
  • Winners will be asked to sign a model release form for all people featured in the winning photo(s).  
  • Upon return of the model release form and mailing of the products, the photos will become the property of Sterling Valley Maple and we reserve the right to use or share them as we see fit, including, but not limited to:
    • Our website
    • Social Media (both ours and that of our partners)
    • Email
    • Print Advertising
    • Third-Party websites (example: walmart.com, shop-my-exchange.com, etc.)
  • Winners will be chosen at our sole discretion, based on factors including placement and prominence of product, usefulness for advertising, quality of photo, aspect ratio, or other factors we determine are appropriate.
  • The number of winners will be determined at our discretion, including the possibility that all photos will be selected or none of the submitted photos will be deemed to be winning.
  • Any submitted photo may be shared privately with our partners, including graphic design, social media, or other firms to determine suitableness for use and selection of winners, but photos will not be published publicly until the model release has been signed and free product has been sent.