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Sterling Valley Maple

Sterling Valley Maple is a family owned maple producer. Located in Lewis County, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, three generations of maple producers tap thousands of trees every spring to produce pure maple syrup.


The Story of Maple Syrup

In the spring, when days are warm and nights are cold, the maple tree draws moisture in through its roots and mixes it with the stored sugar it has produced during the summer.  The sugarmaker drills a small hole into the tree and the natural freezing and thawing spring temperatures force some of this sweet sap out to be collected.  The sap is gathered, and then boiled to concentrate the sugars until it is sweet enough to be called maple syrup.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Sterling Valley Maple’s bourbon barrel aged syrup starts with our certified organic pure maple syrup.  While it’s still hot from the evaporator, we pump it into used bourbon barrels fresh with the flavor and aroma of the charred white oak barrel and the bourbon that had aged in them previously.  This is allowed to age for a minimum of three months while the syrup picks up the smoky oak flavor of the barrel.  This delicious treat is great for use in marinades, your favorite maple recipe, over pancakes and waffles, or just to enjoy the sweet taste of this unique syrup.


Grade A Maple Syrup: Amber Color with Rich Taste

This is New York State Grade A syrup with an Amber Color and a Rich Maple taste.  This "middle" grade is a perfect balance of a rich flavor without being overpowering.  If you've never had maple syrup before or you're not sure which color/flavor combination you prefer, this is a great place to start.


Grade A Maple Syrup: Dark Color with Robust Taste

This is New York State Grade A syrup with a Dark Color and a Robust Maple taste.  This grade of syrup is known for having a stronger taste than other grades and is perfect for use in recipes or to add maple flavor to cooking. Some prefer this to other grades for table use to add a strong maple flavor to pancakes or waffles.


Maple Syrup:

To make syrup, pure maple sap is collected from thousands of maple trees on our family's land and boiled down to produce maple syrup. There are no additives; syrup is nothing more than the sap collected from the tree with the water removed.


Certified Organic Maple Cream

Add a delicious maple flavor to your baked goods or pastry with Pure Maple Cream (sometimes known as maple spread).  Maple Cream is made by taking pure maple syrup and boiling it beyond the boiling point of syrup to concentrate the sugars.  It is then cooled well below room temperature before stirring to create a creamy consistency similar in texture to peanut butter.  This is a great spread for toast, bagels, or waffles.


Sterling Valley Maple's Maple Cream is Certified Organic through BOC.

Granulated Maple Sugar

Granulated Maple Sugar is perfect to use in cooking as an all natural replacement for cane-sugar (substitute maple sugar in a 1:1 ratio for other sugars in your recipe) or use this in your coffee or oatmeal to add a maple flavor to your morning. Packaged in a convenient reclosable barrier pouch.  


To make Granulated Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup is boiled beyond the temperature of boiling syrup, removing additional water and concentrating the syrup.  It is then cooled and stirred to allow the larger crystals to form, creating the sugar granules. Granulated Sugar will last indefinitely in storage.


Sterling Valley Maple's Maple Granulated Sugar is Certified Organic through BOC.

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