Due to a global shortage in the 2021 maple syrup crop, worldwide syrup prices have increased 25-30%. Because of this, we have been forced to temporarily raise our prices. We have tried to keep price increases to a minimum (usually less than 10%) and hope this situation is only temporary. Thank you for your understanding!

250 ml of Maple Syrup in a Maple Leaf shaped glass container
Certified Organic Syrup: 8oz Maple Leaf Shaped Glass

Certified Organic Syrup: 8oz Maple Leaf Shaped Glass

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Maple syrup that looks as good as it tastes: enjoy our delicious, certified organic maple syrup in beautiful maple leaf-shaped bottles.  These bottles containing  8oz (approx 250 ml) of our family's great tasting Amber Color maple syrup with Rich Taste. are stunning whether they are a part of a gift basket or box, used to adorn a table in a restaurant, or purchased as a stand-alone item.

Surprise your family or friends with a sweet treat that they can first enjoy on their pancakes and then save as a commemorative bottle.

 To make syrup, pure maple sap is collected from thousands of maple trees on our family's land and boiled down to produce maple syrup. There are no additives; syrup is nothing more than the sap collected from the tree with the water removed. 

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 USDA Organic SealSterling Valley Maple's syrup is certified Organic through NOFA-NY, LLC.