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Sterling Valley Maple Wholesale

Wholesale pricing is available on whole cases of maple syrup. Please contact us to speak about your specific needs; we may be able to pack a mixed case of different color/taste combinations or sizes. 



Shelf Life



Certified Organic Pure NYS Maple Syrup

Amber Color/Rich Taste


Golden Color/Delicate Taste


Dark Color/Robust Taste

At least 1 year at room temperatures prior to opening. After opening 6 months refrigerated

Gallon Jugs


Half Gallon Jugs


Quart Jugs


Pint Jugs


5 Gallon Bulk Pack


8oz Glass


12oz Glass


Certified Organic Pure Maple Cream 

Frozen: 1 year, Refrigerated 4-6 months

1/2 lb


1 lb


5 lb Bulk Pack


Certified Organic Granulated Maple Sugar 


1/2 lb


1 lb


5 lb Bulk Pack


Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup*

*Limited Quantities Available due to aging process

At least 1 year prior to opening 200ml (6.8oz) 12
500ml (16 oz) 12
Naturally Infused Maple Syrups Cinnamon Infused At Least 1 year at room temperatures prior to opening. After opening 6 months refrigerated 250ml (8 oz) 12
Vanilla Infused 250ml (8 oz) 12
Coffee Infused 250ml (8 oz) 12
Orange Infused 250ml (8 oz) 12


Please contact us for pricing based on quantity. Our lowest prices are available for orders of 10 cases or more.

Shipping and Order Minimums:

We believe in complete transparency in shipping costs; for brands to offer "free" shipping it is important to realize that those shipping costs are built into the product cost. Rather than do that (which results in a higher "worst case" shipping cost markup) we quote you our everyday low wholesale cost and then calculate the most efficient way to get it to you. There are no minimums to order; just recognize that we can pass economies of scale on to those placing larger orders.

 Generally, the cheapest and safest way to ship wholesale product is on a pallet using an LTL trucking company. In our experience, this becomes feasible around 10-15 cases of product (below that, it may be cheaper to ship each case individually using UPS, FedEx, or the USPS). We always run several shipping scenarios in order to determine the most efficient way to get the product to you.

For smaller retailers or those just starting out it may be possible to customize a mixed case to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss what works best for you.

 Payment Terms:

Unless otherwise negotiated, we will invoice you upon delivery with payment requested within 30 days of invoice date. Payment is accepted via cash, credit card, or check made out to Sterling Valley Maple, LLC.

To Order:

Please contact us via e-mail at or via phone at 315-586-2599

Our Commitment to Quality

Sterling Valley Maple Syrup is USDA Organic Certified
Our syrups and products are New York State Grown and Certified
Sterling Valley Products are made with all natural ingredients